How to hack wifi to get password from windows 7

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There are many tutorials available over the internet which will help to crack wifi with a Linux machine.But here,I am going to tell you to do that stuff by using you favourite Windows 7 Machine.Truthfully it is much more easier when compared to do this stuff in Linux.Of course the tutorial to crack using a Linux box (Probably Backtrack) will be added shortly.So stay updated.

Tools Required:-

You have to download to 2 tools which I am sharing below in order to proceed.

1).CommView for Wifi: Download from:-
2).AirCrack-NG Gui for Windows: Download from:-


1).Install CommView.While installation you may be asked whether you want to install the apllication in VoIP mode or Standard mode.Both mode will work fine for our case.But I usually use the VoIP mode.It will automaically searches and installs the available drivers needed for making the wireless adapter to enable the packet capture (by turning on promiscous mode).Just allow it to install the needed drivers and you are good  to go to the next step.And please note that while using CommView,your wifi networks will get disconnected.Just dont panic,you are doing it right! :)

2).After the installation,start the application and click on the left arrow on the left side.

3).You will be prompted with a new window .Click on the "Start Scanning" button.

4).In the right column,all the available networks around you will be shown.Just click the network you want to get the password,and click on "Capture".Please note that,tjis tutorial is only for WEP Networks.

5).Now the newely opened windows will be closed and you can now see that the CommView started capturing the packets.

6).Click on the Settings>Options>Memoery Usage.Change the value of maximum packets in buffer to 20000.

7).Now you can click on the logging tab.Select "Auto Logging".Enter 2000 in the "Maximum Directory Size" and  20 in the "Average Log File Size".We just told the CommView to capture*.ncp packets with each file of 20MB size and store it in the directory we have chosen.

8).Again go to "Logging" tab and select "Concatenate Logs" to join all the split logs of 20MB we just created.And now we have one *ncf file

9).Go to File>Log Viewer>Load CommView Logs> and choose the *.ncf file that we just got from the above Concatenation step (Step 8).

10).Click File>Export>Wireshack/Tcp dump format.                                

11).Go to the Aircrack application folder and then tar verse to the bin inside. Double click  on Aircrack-ng GUI.exe. in the application,choose the *.cap file we just created in the (Step 10).

12).And that's it! If you got sufficient data to crack the password,you will get the password .It is advisable to proceed from step 8 to 11 only after receiving enough packets.You will need a minimum of 100000 packets to start the after Step 7,it is advisable to leave the system alone for 2-3 hours and then proceed to the further steps.

(Important Note:-This Is For Educational Purpose Only.It is only Shared To You People To be Aware About The Vulnerabilities).
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