HTML Basics

Posted by Tushar Bedekar
All the webpages in HTML are defined in terms of document object model (DOM). There are various different document of HTML known to be as a HTML tags < >. These are known to be as the elements of the HTML

  • root tag <html>    </html>
  • <head>    </head>
  • <title>    </title>
  • <body>      </body>
The <html>    </html>tag is known as root tag of a tree and rest tags are known as elements of the tree or can termed as branches of the tree. The tree here is nothing but the webpage.

Each and every page in html is defined by its Doctype deceleration. This deceleration may be optional in some HTML versions. The Doctype deceleration help the browser to display the contents of the webpage correctly in the way that is needed by the developer of the webpage.

<head>    </head>  the program or the code/ statement written inside the head tags is only for the browser, that is it is not displayed on the web browser. Here the developer can define the metaname  which is discussed later. meta content and favicon image and other links etc. CSS (cascade style sheets) is also being putted here.

<title>    </title>   it is used to declare the title of the webpage. for example for this webpage the title tag can be written as 
<title> Advance Computing And Programming </title>

<body>    </body> the content that is to be displayed on the webpage is being written here. various different types of tags are used in this section to display different element of the webpage. Advance collection is being discussed later.


<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1> FirstHeading </h1>
<p>My Name is Tushar Bedekar</p>


Key Note:-

  • The HTML files are stored with .html extension
  • The Homepage of any webpage is Index.html
  • This webpage HTML code can be viewed by pressing Ctrl + U 
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