Mobile app development trends if you’re building an app in 2018

Posted by Tushar Bedekar

Apps are popular, and a great number of consumers around the globe regularly use their smartphone as part of their daily life. Mobile users can download apps covering all kinds of subjects and purposes. App developers have accomplished a lot when it comes to app development, as their advancements have taken apps to innovative places, with excellent and creative ideas happening along the way. The competition among app developers is increasing, of course, as consumers grow evermore reliant on their smartphones to accomplish tasks related to both their professional and personal lives.

It's critical that any mobile app developer expert know what the latest trends are in the realm of app development so they're able to keep up with the competition and possibly even pull ahead so they can make engaging apps for mobile users. Let's talk about six critical trends in particular that you should consider before the development of a mobile application.

Ensure app security

Security is easily the most crucial factor if you develop an app. Developers need to make sure that any app they create is safe for its users, so they have protection from cyber attack or viruses. Any kind of carelessness or lapse in an app's security can create damage to an app's data. Apps need to be put through security tests to make sure that their safety is assured.

Use cloud technology

The use of cloud technology in apps isn't just trendy, but actually very useful for mobile users. It helps them use apps across more than one device and even more than one kind of device. These apps need to be developed in ways that let them sync with other devices easily by using the cloud. It's very beneficial to users to be able to access similar functions and features through their mobile phone app as they can on other devices. Businesses can benefit when e-commerce apps that are used on smartphones can also be used on tablets, for instance.

Provide a robust user interface

As an app developer, you need to consider the app's user interface as you develop it all. Apps that are designed for websites have different kinds of user interface features and elements as compared to an app for a mobile piece of technology. Android and Apple phones both have their own correct user interface guidelines, and you need to adhere to them. Use appropriate icons and widgets on your app. Also, make sure there is a menu included.

Take advantage of Android Instant

Android Instant is definitely a top trend in the world of app development. It's something that lets mobile users run their apps immediately without having to first download or install that app.

Use AI

Artificial Intelligence is a growing trend in the industry of app development. It can include things like IoT and virtual personal assistants. It's advantageous to make use of this particular app development technology.

Include digital mobile payment options

A huge trend right now is letting mobile users make app payments on their phone, so include digital mobile payment features. Many mobile payment apps are in use around the world already. Successful examples include Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet. Just make sure that your mobile payment app features are as safe as they can be considering they will be used for financial transactions.

Don’t delay in building a mobile app for your business! More apps are added to the IOS and Android store daily. Invest in mobile app development to make your business available to your target audience on their devices.
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