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Posted by Tushar Bedekar
Until today, there are many Microsoft Office (MS office) Android Apps available in the Google play store. Some of these apps only work on Tablet and other apps will enable all features only if you purchase it. I found few apps, which are free and work on both Android mobile and Tablet.
Most of the people frequently work on Microsoft Word (DOCX File), MS Excel (XLSX file) and MS PowerPoint (PPTX) files and they want these Microsoft Office files to be open on their Android mobile.
Today in this article, I will provide five popular apps that add MS Office compatibility to your Android Device
open Microsoft Office Files on Android Mobile (MS Office)  Tablet

Android Apps to open Microsoft Office files (free)


OfficeSuite is one of the best apps with highest no of downloads in this category.
It is a universal document viewer for android which enables you to open, share, view and print files.
With the help of office suite application, we can work on the files like Microsoft Word (DOCX), Excel (XLXS), PowerPoint (PPTX), Comma Separated Values (CSV), TXT, PDF and Zip.
OfficeSuite includes an integrated browser with cloud services like Sky Drive, Google Drive and Drop Box.
Download OfficeSuite 7 on Google Play Store


Kingsoft office is the mobile office app with the highest rating on the Google Play Store.
This app requires android 2.1 or above version to work
Along with Microsoft Office Documents Kingsoft can open programming language files like C and C++, Java, ASP, CMD and Batch files.
Download Kingsoft Office from Google Play Store


This application has more than 40 Million Downloads on the Google Play Store
Document To Go App have the same features like opening the MS Office files, but the best part of this app is it supports password protected MS Word and MS Excel files.
Download Documents To Go App from Google Play Store
These apps are available for free and quite easy to access MS office applications on your mobile.
Hope you all like my article and if you know any other apps or if I forget anything please mention through comments.


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