Introduction to C Programming Language

Posted by Tushar Bedekar
C is a programming language developed by AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. It was designed and written by a man named Dennis Richie. C is reliable, simple and easy to use.
One can easily learn C++ , JAVA or any other programming language if one has a knowledge of C.

Basic features:-

  • It is 16 bit programming language. 
  • Many of the popular and robust languages available today requires a basic knowledge of "c Programming". 
  • Many major components of popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX, LINUX is still written in C.
  • We all are now familiar with the smart phones, this smartness comes from a microprocessor,operating system and program mes embedded within that smart phones.Generally all these program-mes are written basically in "c Programming " languages.
  • Because of the fast execution f the c program-mes.
  • many popular gaming frame works(such as Direct X) have been built using c programming language.
  • It is simply and easy for the Beginners who are learning to do computer programming

C- Character Set:-

Similar to the other programming languages the C languages also include character set which includes alphabets, numbers an special symbols. following are the some character that we use in "C Programming" languages.
  • Alphabets :- A to B (ASCII value from 65 to 90)       a to b(ASCII value from 97 to 122)  
  • Digits:- 0 to 9(ASCII value from 48 to 57) 
  • Special Characters:- #,*,7,%,4 and 2 etc.(ASCII values as per the character) 
These ASCII values can be found by the help of a "C program me" for program me please click the link given below. Coming soon


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