How to charge your iPhone 6 at faster rate

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In their recent research, the folks at iLounge clarify the fact that the iPhone 6 can draw in 2.1A of current without any hindrance. It means iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 plus can reach to 90% of its battery in less than 2 hours. However, the charger in the box of iPhone 6/6Plus having a capacity of 1A along with the Power of 5W, restrict its users to use this feature. So to experience this, users of iPhone can either use the high capacity charger of iPad with a capacity of 2.1Amps and Power of 10W or can purchase a high capacity multi USB charger that can charge the devices at their maximum charging potential.
The USB Charger of iPad only contains 1 Port, but if you choose high capacity multiple UBS charger like the one from CHOETECH, you can charge up to 6 iOS as well as Android devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6 simultaneously in within 2 hours with its smart auto- detection function. The charger has a capacity of 10Amps or each port can deliver 2.4Amps.

charging Iphone 6 faste

A Multi USB Charger charging an iPhone 6 at faster rate (Front View)

How to charge your iPhone 6 at faster rate

A Multi USB Charger Charging an iPhone 6 at faster rate (Rear View of iPhone 6) 
The biggest misconception in the world of Smartphones is that if we use the same charger that is provided by the company in the box, we will get great results. But if consider about the latest iPhone 6 or 6Plus, Apple Inc put the 5W 1A charger in order to reduce the overall cost of product and increase the profit margin from the sales. As a result, users of these latest Smartphones will never experience the fastest charging if they use low capacity based USB charger.
To overcome this issue, an iPhone 6 owner can use a multiport USB charger with high capacity or matching amperage so that they can’t just hanging around at charging station for several hours in order to wait for the battery to get refueled. Go ahead and buy one for your device. This is something you don’t really need to worry about.
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How to charge your iPhone 6 at faster rate

CHOETECH Multi USB Charger Charging iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, iPhone 4S simultaneously at faster rate  

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