WiFi Cameras:Focus, shoot and share

Posted by Tushar Bedekar
For the socially connected people, who like clicking and sharing their moments, the WiFi enabled camera is a device to have. Being social and being connected is the need of the hour.

WiFi camera has a built in WiFi connectivity and can shoot and share pictures and videos simultaneously.so all you need is the WiFi enabled camera.

Why WiFi camera and not a smart phone? 

A few years ago you had to use a film roll that you had to drop off at a processing lab.which involves a lot of time in processing and sharing the photos with the others. so WiFi enable camera is the best option.  well you might be thinking a  why not to use a smartphone instead of buying a WiFi enabled  camera as you can carry your smart phone with you all the time.
                                 now if you are the serious photographer who does not want to compromise with the quality of the photograph  and also does want to share a single moment to share those photos with the others through the application such as Facebook, flicker, whats app and twitter etc.so WiFi enabled camera is the best choice for those people.

Turn any camera into WiFi camera:- 

WiFi enabled point and shoot cameras  retail at a higher price but if you want to save few bucks, WiFi enable SD card called eye-Fi may be useful to you. These SD card have the WiFi enabled antenna that can transform any camera into a WiFi enable camera  since it is just work around  technology,do not expect the high end features  of WiFi camera coming in. 

Setting your own WiFi camera:- 

once you have a WiFi enabled camera in your possession you just nee t set up its basic features that allow the photographs to be uploaded directly to computer  or a web service. 


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