The Bulid Process

Posted by Tushar Bedekar
Before Going more with this topic let us first understand what it is? Basically it is a process which takes place in order to build the .exe (executable file) from the code written in the editor or any integrated development environment.

Here this article is in the reference to the "C and C++ programming language".

C Source Code:-

The code that you have written in the editor is referred to as a source code.In "C Programming" language this source code is stored with an .c extension and in that if the C++ programming language it is being stored with the .cpp extension.

This source code includes many user

  • User defined functions   
  • Many library functions 
  • Macros Definition
  •  And native codes
for more info please refer Source Code Vs Object Code


Now this is the  first step in build process.During this step the C source code is get expanded on the basis of pre processor directives included in the sources code. These pre processor directives may include 
  • #include
  • #define
  • #ifdef and #pragma etc. 
During this pre compilation process the source code that is being stored in the .c format is get converted into the .I extension which is referred as the expanded source code.for example the stored in the form of tushar.c format is get converted into the form of tushar.I format. that means we can say the during the pre compilation only the extension or the format of the code changes in the first step if the build process.


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