Python Programming Language - Introduction

Posted by Aditya Nema
Hello all, in this article we will discuss something about python. Python is a very powerful object-oriented programming language. Nowadays it is used extensively in many fields. It has many powerful libraries which allow you to do several different functions. Before starting this I assume you know the basics of OOP's. Python was discovered in 1980 by Guido van Rossum in Netherland. Python is a very simple language we will start first by declaring the variable. I am again assuming you have Python 3 installed in your system if not you can download it from here You can also use the IDE like Pycharm. So let start with our very first thing declaring the variable :
                                                                      a = 1 
  • Here a is the variable name.1 is the value python automatically consider a as the integer datatype by just seeing its value.
  • You can check the data type of a by just typing the following command  
  • Here the print function is used to print the value on console.
  • Type is a function that returned the datatype of the variable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Variable is nothing but the memory location used to hold the values throughout the life of the program
The above example illustrates how simple is this. Technical details we will look more in upcoming articles.      

Why python is so popular?

It is popular because of its simplicity. It has many packages available for different purposes. You can directly use the features of those packages just by importing them into your program. One such package is pandas. It is widely used for data analysis and data processing.

Who has to learn python?

Simple answer anybody who is interested or working professionals who want to switch their career in the field of python. Nowadays it is widely used in data processing so many people who want to become data scientists need to have a basic knowledge of python.

This is all, for now, we will look at the datatype in the next article


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