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Introduction:-  Before going in depth let me first tell you about what are meta tags. The page Description Meta tags give the summary to the Search Engines of What the page is about, so that it becomes easier for the search engine to display the your articles on search engine result page.
                                   As we have discussed in my previous article Search Engine Optimization Basics-1 that is page titles should be brief and concise, but the description metatags can be in the form of sentences.The metal tags are placed within the <HTML> Tags of Your Document.

What Are The Merits Of The Meta Tags:-

  • The Meta tags are very important because the search engine may use it as a snippets of your page.
  • snippets:- The text displayed beneath the title of the corresponding webpage, the summary or the part of pages/keywords that matches the query of the user.

  • It gives the basic summary of the webpage to both the user as well as to the search engine.

This is how you can write your webpage meta tag.

Key Points regarding Meta Tags:-

  • Accurately Summarize the page content. Avoid writing the description meta tags that has no relation with  content that you web page contains and also do not copy the whole content and paste it into the meta tag.
  • Always use unique description for each Page.

next comes the Site Structure that we will discuss in the next post so stay connected with us and thankyou for reading this article.


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