Why To Choose Windows Phone 8.1

Posted by Tushar Bedekar
A Windows Phone(WP) is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft for smartphones.Windows phone features a new user interface Derived from the Microsoft Developed "Modern" Design Language formally known as Metro.The First Version of Windows Mobile Phone was launched on October 2010 with windows 7 version.And then after Microsoft releases a continuous updates at a regular interval as windows 8 (Amber Black) and now the latest release is windows phone 8.1 which was delivered in the final form on 14th April 2014. and it is available to update to all the devices previously running windows phone 8 version.

Following are the more basic details about Windows phone 8:-

  • Developer :-Microsoft Corporation
  • operating System written mainly in  c and c++ so which makes the OS to work more faster and to take less memory.
  • platforms :-Qualcomm Snapdragon base on ARMv7 .
  • Kernal Type :- Monolithic        

1. Greater Start Screen personalisation:-

new_start_screen_personalisation_microsoft.jpgMicrosoft has come up with the new option in windows phone 8.1 and  has added 'Start background' feature that allows users to add an image to the tiles on the Start screen of the device.

The feature will add an image of the user's choice to multiple tiles on the Start screen. Earlier, the Live Tiles on the Start screen on Windows Phone 8 were limited to solid colours.

2. Cortana: Finally arrives to take on Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now

One of the highlight features of Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana, which is Microsoft's voice-based virtual assistant. The Redmond giant's Cortana is based on a popular AI character in Microsoft's blockbuster video game franchise, Halo.
Cortana is powered by Bing and is similar to Apple's Siri or Google Now, completely replacing the search feature in WP8.1. 
Cortana can be launched by pressing the Live Tile placed on the Start screen or by pressing the Search button on the Windows Phone device. Belfiore said that Cortana can interact verbally or by typing, and stressed its ability to understand natural language voice commands. It can also interact with third party apps, though developers will have to build Cortana-compatibility into their apps.

3. Action Centre for notifications

windows_phone_8_1_action_centre.jpgMicrosoft has finally launched one of the most awaited features on Windows Phone platform,Similar to the android Phone of Google the Action Center. The Windows Phone 8.1 update brings the Action Centre to all Windows Phone-based devices which will show notifications for calls, messages, emails, apps and others. It will also offer quick settings access to Flight Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Rotation Lock options. Notably, the quick access options are customisable.
The Action Centre for Windows Phone 8.1 can be accessed by a simple drop down swipe gesture like seen in Android and iOS.

4. Word Flow Keyboard

Another big addition in the Windows Phone 8.1 has been the introduction of the Word Flow Keyboard, which is a Swype keyboard-like feature for Windows Phone users. The Word Flow Keyboard allows users to glide over the display and type words.
Microsoft claims that the Word Flow Keyboard is one of the 'most intuitive smartphone keyboards' and learns from users writing style. It Basically supports 16  different languages

5. Skype Integration

Microsoft has also upgraded the Skype integration in Windows Phone devices with its latest Windows Phone 8.1. Now, the new Skype app for Windows Phone 8.1 comes with dialler integration that allows a user to switch a regular call to a Skype video call with a click of a button. Further, Skype has also been designed to work with Cortana, as users can setup Skype calls via the new voice-based virtual assistant.

6. Upgraded imaging experience

Microsoft takes the Windows Phone photography experience to the next level with the revamped Camera Roll, which gives quick access to clicked images, image tweaking tools and sharing capabilities.
The Smart Shots, Cinemagraphs, and Refocus photos options are directly accessible now from Camera Roll. Microsoft has also added the burst mode features to its Windows Phone 8.1 for clicking continuous images.
Creative Studio has been also added to the Camera Roll, which can use five new filters. 

7. New Sense feature for Windows Phone users

Microsoft has introduced the new Sense apps that include Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense and Storage Sense.
Data Sense gives a detailed track of data usage on a Windows Phone, which could be braked down according to time- a month, a week etc. Data Sense includes a 'high savings' mode that the company claims will compress the images browsed on the Web, so a user can search more without with less data usage.
Another Sense app is Wi-Fi Sense, which automatically connects to a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot (when detected) to conserve cellular data.
Notably, when Wi-Fi is turned off in Wi-Fi Sense; Cortana can automatically turn it on, when a favourite location with hotspot is available.
Storage Sense can help users manage content stored on the microSD card and inbuilt storage by moving apps, music, images and videos between inbuilt storage and microSD card.
In addition, Microsoft has also improved its Battery Sense feature, giving a breakdown of apps' battery consumption, and also includes an 'automatic mode' in the Battery Saver option that can help extend battery life.

8. Slew of new delights

Microsoft has also introduced the new Lock Screen, which now comes with multiple Lock Screen themes featuring different visuals and animations - APIs are also available for developers to create their own themes and widgets.
The Calendar app has received a redesign and now shows a week view, along with a weather widget which has been integrated into the Calendar app. It will show at the top.
Various apps such as Music, Video and Podcasts have also been improve .
The Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone 8.1 was also introduced. The new IE11 comes with new features such as InPrivate browsing, password caching, and a super-handy reading mode.
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Tic-Tac Toe Game using C Programming

Posted by Tushar Bedekar

/* A simple Tic Tac Toe game. */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

char matrix[3][3];                   /* the tic tac toe matrix */       
char check(void);
void init_matrix(void);
void get_player_move(void);
void get_computer_move(void);
void disp_matrix(void);
int main(void)
char done;
printf("This is the game of Tic Tac Toe.\n");
printf("You will be playing  against the computer.\n");
done = ' ';
done = check();                                                               /* see if winner */
if(done!= ' ') break;                                                       /* winner!*/
done = check();                                      /* see if winner */
} while(done== ' ');
if(done=='X') printf("You won!\n");
else printf("I won!!!!\n");
disp_matrix();                                          /* show final positions */
return 0;

/* Initialize the matrix. */

void init_matrix(void)
int i, j;
for(i=0; i<3; i++)
for(j=0; j<3; j++) matrix[i][j] = ' ';

/* Get a player's move. */

void get_player_move(void)
int x, y;
printf("Enter X,Y coordinates for your move: ");
scanf("%d%*c%d", &x, &y);
x--; y--;
if(matrix[x][y]!= ' '){
printf("Invalid move, try again.\n");
else matrix[x][y] = 'X';

/* Get a move from the computer. */

void get_computer_move(void)
int i, j;
for(i=0; i<3; i++){
for(j=0; j<3; j++)
if(matrix[i][j]==' ') break;
if(matrix[i][j]==' ') break;
if(i*j==9) {
matrix[i][j] = 'O';

/* Display the matrix on the screen. */

void disp_matrix(void)
int t;
for(t=0; t<3; t++) {
printf(" %c | %c | %c ",matrix[t][0],
matrix[t][1], matrix [t][2]);
if(t!=2) printf("\n---|---|---\n");

/* See if there is a winner. */

char check(void)
int i;
for(i=0; i<3; i++)                                                    /* check rows */
if(matrix[i][0]==matrix[i][1] &&
matrix[i][0]==matrix[i][2]) return matrix[i][0];
for(i=0; i<3; i++)                                                   /* check columns */
if(matrix[0][i]==matrix[1][i] && matrix[0][i]==matrix[2][i])
    return matrix[0][i];
/* test diagonals */
if(matrix[0][0]==matrix[1][1] &&
return matrix[0][0];
if(matrix[0][2]==matrix[1][1] &&
return matrix[0][2];
return ' ';

Download Game:-


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Best Antivirus Apps for Android Free Download

Posted by Tushar Bedekar

Antivirus Security – FREE (AVG) Antivirus App

AVG is the best android anti virus. Because Apart from combating viruses and malware, it also provides anti-theft and privacy protection. It has a very efficient virus scan and virus detection engine that will flag viruses as they try to get into your device. Its web surfing protection feature will guarantee your online security. Its trial period is only limited to 14-days. This antivirus software app apk can be download from official website.



Avast Mobile Security Antivirus App

Avast is an amazing security application with a good review that transcends beyond the basic anti-malware protection and offers among others an app manger, call and SMS filtering, a firewall and a network traffic monitor and . Apparently its anti-theft and firewall’s most advanced features require your device to be rooted. The App is compatible with all Android mobile phones and Tablet.


360 Security- Antivirus App

It has a great design with sleek, simple user friendly interface. What makes this app stand out is its capability to automatically patch your device’s firmware vulnerabilities when it detects them. Its downside is that it does not have anti-theft feature even though this is a common feature in most apps. The app can be downloaded from Google play store.

                                               Download 360 Security Antivirus App

Dr.Web v.7 Antivirus Light

It is very efficient in detecting malware, it scored above 90% in the AV-Test procedure. Dr. Web scans data as you try to save it in your device to ensure maximum security. Its user interface however does a very poor job in matching its malware detecting process.

Warning :-The Content Provided here in are for the  Educational Purpose only and not to advertise any kind of products.The Given list of the antivirus are as per the author point of view, it may differ from person to person.  
                     The Author is not responsible for any kind of damage to the devices by the use of these software/apps.So the user must use these product on there own risk only after reading a full features details from the Google play Store.    
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How to charge your iPhone 6 at faster rate

Posted by Utkarsh Jain

In their recent research, the folks at iLounge clarify the fact that the iPhone 6 can draw in 2.1A of current without any hindrance. It means iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 plus can reach to 90% of its battery in less than 2 hours. However, the charger in the box of iPhone 6/6Plus having a capacity of 1A along with the Power of 5W, restrict its users to use this feature. So to experience this, users of iPhone can either use the high capacity charger of iPad with a capacity of 2.1Amps and Power of 10W or can purchase a high capacity multi USB charger that can charge the devices at their maximum charging potential.
The USB Charger of iPad only contains 1 Port, but if you choose high capacity multiple UBS charger like the one from CHOETECH, you can charge up to 6 iOS as well as Android devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6 simultaneously in within 2 hours with its smart auto- detection function. The charger has a capacity of 10Amps or each port can deliver 2.4Amps.

charging Iphone 6 faste

A Multi USB Charger charging an iPhone 6 at faster rate (Front View)

How to charge your iPhone 6 at faster rate

A Multi USB Charger Charging an iPhone 6 at faster rate (Rear View of iPhone 6) 
The biggest misconception in the world of Smartphones is that if we use the same charger that is provided by the company in the box, we will get great results. But if consider about the latest iPhone 6 or 6Plus, Apple Inc put the 5W 1A charger in order to reduce the overall cost of product and increase the profit margin from the sales. As a result, users of these latest Smartphones will never experience the fastest charging if they use low capacity based USB charger.
To overcome this issue, an iPhone 6 owner can use a multiport USB charger with high capacity or matching amperage so that they can’t just hanging around at charging station for several hours in order to wait for the battery to get refueled. Go ahead and buy one for your device. This is something you don’t really need to worry about.
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You can use any of the three images or all together, according to your respective blog. These images are taken by us.

How to charge your iPhone 6 at faster rate

CHOETECH Multi USB Charger Charging iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, iPhone 4S simultaneously at faster rate  

Author Bio:

Anthony Johnson is a technical product reviewer, editor and freelance writer. Growing up to express every experience of his life in words, Johnson knew at his young age that he wanted to be a technical writer. He reviewed the first product at the age of 19 and hasn’t looked back. Till date he has reviewed several products from most of the major brands worldwide. In this post he is expressing his views on the use of high capacity based Multiple USB Charger to charge iPhone 6 at faster rate.  

Publisher's Last Words:

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Windows 10:Multiple Devices One Operating System

Posted by Tushar Bedekar

Say Hi,ti the new upcoming member of the Microsoft family.An its not Windows 9 But Microsoft has decided to skip a version of windows.And thus Launching the new vibrant,dynamic version of windows 10!

 Microsoft Hope to win back the many desktop PC users that windows 8 and windows 8.1 series alienated in great numbers back when it was released in late 2012.

Microsoft announce that its next OS would get a bunch of the new and returning features, including a start menu and also with a version of cortana  voice  assistant that we have in the Microsoft windows phone platform , an action center(notification center),the flexibility to run multiple apps on one screen simultaneously an much more.

 windows 10! preview version is available on the official windows website in both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

 Some features of windows 10! are listed bellow:-

  • The Start Menu returns.
The familiar Start menu is back, but it brings with it a new customization space for your favorite apps and Live Tiles.
  • Virtual Desktops.
  • Metro Apps On the Desktop.
  • Desktop interface overhaul.
  • A new Task View Button.
  • Improved snapping.
  • Find Files Faster.
 File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders making for finding files you've worked on is easier.
  • Multiple Desktop.
The familiar Start menu is back, but it brings with it a new customization space for your favorite apps and Live Tiles.

Screen Shots:-


  • The Content Provided here in is only for the educational purpose and not to harm any one. 
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Posted by Tushar Bedekar 2 Comments


CHAPTER 1: Variables & Control Flow

1. What is the difference between declaring a variable and defining a variable? 
2. What is a static variable? 
3. What is a register variable? 
4. Where is an auto variable stored? 
5. What is scope & storage allocation of extern and global variables? 
6. What is scope & storage allocation of register, static and local variables?
7. What are storage memory, default value, scope and life of Automatic and Register storage class? 
8. What are storage memory, default value, scope and life of Static and External storage class? 
9. What is the difference between 'break' and 'continue' statements?
10. What is the difference between 'for' and 'while' loops?

solution:-Download link

CHAPTER 2: Operators, Constants & Structures

1. Which bitwise operator is suitable for checking whether a particular bit is ON or OFF? 
2. Which bitwise operator is suitable for turning OFF a particular bit in a number? 
3. What is equivalent of multiplying an unsigned int by 2: left shift of number by 1 or right shift of number by
4. What is an Enumeration Constant?
5. What is a structure? 
6. What are the differences between a structure and a union? 
7. What are the advantages of unions? 
8. How can typedef be to define a type of structure? 
9. Write a program that returns 3 numbers from a function using a structure. 
10. In code snippet below: 
struct Date {
 int yr;
 int day;
 int month;
} date1,date2;
date1.yr = 2004;
date1.day = 4;
date1.month = 12;
Write a function that assigns values to date2. Arguments to the function must be pointers to the
structure, Date and integer variables date, month, year. 

solution:-Download link

CHAPTER 3: Functions

1. What is the purpose of main() function? 
2. Explain command line arguments of main function? 
3. What are header files? Are functions declared or defined in header files ? 
4. What are the differences between formal arguments and actual arguments of a function? 
5. What is pass by value in functions? 
6. What is pass by reference in functions? 
7. What are the differences between getchar() and scanf() functions for reading strings? 
8. Out of the functions fgets() and gets(), which one is safer to use and why? 
9. What is the difference between the functions strdup() and strcpy()? 


CHAPTER 4: Pointers

1. What is a pointer in C? 
2. What are the advantages of using pointers? 
3. What are the differences between malloc() and calloc()? 
4. How to use realloc() to dynamically increase size of an already allocated array? 
5. What is the equivalent pointer expression for referring an element a[i][j][k][l], in a four dimensional array?
6. Declare an array of three function pointers where each function receives two integers and returns float. 
7. Explain the variable assignment in the declaration
int *(*p[10])(char *, char *);
8. What is the value of 
sizeof(a) /sizeof(char *)
in a code snippet:
char *a[4]={"sridhar","raghava","shashi","srikanth"};
9. (i) What are the differences between the C statements below: 
char *str = "Hello";
char arr[] = "Hello";
(ii) Whether following statements get complied or not? Explain each statement. 
*(arr + 1) = 's';


CHAPTER 5: Programs

1. Write a program to find factorial of the given number. 
2. Write a program to check whether the given number is even or odd. 
3. Write a program to swap two numbers using a temporary variable. 
4. Write a program to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable. 
5. Write a program to swap two numbers using bitwise operators. 
6. Write a program to find the greatest of three numbers. 
7. Write a program to find the greatest among ten numbers. 
8. Write a program to check whether the given number is a prime. 
9. Write a program to check whether the given number is a palindromic number. 
10.Write a program to check whether the given string is a palindrome. 
11.Write a program to generate the Fibonacci series. 
12.Write a program to print "Hello World" without using semicolon anywhere in the code. 
13.Write a program to print a semicolon without using a semicolon anywhere in the code. 
14.Write a program to compare two strings without using strcmp() function. 
15.Write a program to concatenate two strings without using strcat() function. 
16.Write a program to delete a specified line from a text file. 
17.Write a program to replace a specified line in a text file. 
18.Write a program to find the number of lines in a text file. 
19.Write a C program which asks the user for a number between 1 to 9 and shows the number. If the user inputs a number out of the specified range, the program should show an error and prompt the user for a valid input. 
20.Write a program to display the multiplication table of a given number.

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Try If You Can

Posted by Tushar Bedekar

  • Note:- You Can Also Mail Your Responses at Contact us
  • The responses May be Generated either using GCC or Turbo C compiler.It does`t matter but the correctness of responses is required.
  • Download Turbo C HERE
  • Online Compiler HERE

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C Program to Print 1-10 numbers without using Conditional Loops

Posted by Tushar Bedekar
Print 1-10 numbers without using Conditional Loop i.e without using
  • for Loop
  • while Loop
  • do-while Loop


void printNumber(int value) {
   int i;
   printf("%d\n", value);          //The Following programme is written using the concept of recursion
   i = value + 1;

   if (i > 10)

void main() {
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